Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hug in a Box Tutorial

Using a 12" x 12  single or double sided paper  cut to 8 ½ x 11 inches. (see hints below first)

I am using single sided in this tutorial (the same paper as above but in green) so I can show you how to cover up the workings of the box. If you are using very patterned paper like the Birdsong Tree paper I am using here you need to be careful which way you cut your 12 x 12 sheet of paper. You will want to keep a long section for your Belly Band Wrap that will have the pattern running the right way and you want the card to fold with the pattern showing straight instead of sideways. To do this I do the following:

With the pattern facing up towards me I made a mark at 11” along the end of the 12 x 12  paper (the trees are facing me in the correct direction) and up the side (of the paper and the trees) I made a mark at 8½” . Cut at the 8½” mark first as this will leave you a band long enough to wrap around your card and the pattern will run in the right direction. Then cut at the 11” mark you made and this will leave you some strips for decorating the sides.

Right now to get making:
Working from the left side score 21/8" from the edge down the long part of the paper– now do the same on the right hand side.
Working from the left score down the short part of the paper at 1¼" and 3 3/8". Now do the same down the right hand side. You will have four score lines running down the short part of the paper and two lines running across the long part of the paper.
If you are working on single sided paper face the pattern up towards you. Or if working on double sided paper face towards you whatever side of the paper you want to show in the center box .
 With the short side of the paper fold in the inside 33/8" score and strengthen fold with a bone folder, Then take the 1¼" fold and fold it back so the pattern of that fold is now facing you (see photo).   Do the same on the opposite side. Strengthen each fold as you work.
 You will end up with paper looking like the photo below.
 Now fold in the remaining folds towards the center.
Grab the top corner of one piece of a flap and  make a crease in the bottom corner at the fold (I do it with my nail). Fold the top corner back to the folded  line. You will be left with a corner section of paper showing. See photo. Do this to all four corners.
 Your paper should now look like this..

 Now open your paper out and hold it as shown below
 Keeping the flaps held straight up in your hand start to push back the corners on one side then on the other. They should fold back quite easily as you will have reinforced the folds with your bone folder whilst making the box.

 When both corners are at the back and you are left with just one panel. Just fold this flap back. Do the same on the opposite side.

 Your box should now look like this.
 Push sides together to complete the making of the box.

 If you have any pieces hanging over the sides of the box just snip them off. This will not effect the movement of the box it will just tidy up anything looking a bit messy. 

Now to make the belly band. You will have a long strip of paper left over. Cut this to a long 1" width strip. 

Hold it centered over the front of your box and gently fold back to wrap around the back of box. Do not strengthen this fold you want it a tiny bit loose. Its hard to describe but you want it loose enough to slide up and down the box but not so loose that the band slips off the box. Confusing...............yep. Just  have a bit of a play with some spare paper and you will soon get the hang of it. 

Using double sided tape stick both sides of this band together at the back. (do not stick to the box).

If you have used double sided paper it is now time to decorate your belly band and your inside of your box. If you are using single sided paper there is just one more step to completion.

You may want to cover the folds that are visible on the sides of your box. Just cut paper to the size of these white pieces and double side them down. This will not impede the movement of your box at all. The strips you have left over will probably be too small to cover the whole piece so if you look at the picture below where I used blue Birdsong Tree paper you will see that I covered the whole side in white paper and used the small strip of patterned paper I had left by sticking it down to the edge. Using a thin outline sticker I covered the join of the two papers. Don't get confused now, yep its a different color. This was the original Hug in a Box that traveled around demos with me , its a bit battered and creased from loads of handling but I am getting very lazy and have to run off and do loads of stuff so I am going to just finish this tutorial off with my blue box pictures! he he he!!!
Last of all add your internal center piece. I have used the Tatty Teddy from Do Crafts, doesn't he just scream Hug Me. Love this bear. I stamped him on to grey card so all I had to do was cut around him and add blue to his nose and patch. The stickers are also from the Tatty Teddy range.

 I am a bit of a talker so I hope I haven't waffled on too long and you have been able to get the step by step instructions worked out OK. When I originally saw this fold on the internet on various web sites, I honestly can't remember what they called it, everyone had photographs inside their box so do keep this in mind for Birthdays etc. Personally I would just love to receive a Hug in a Box through the post, what a boost that would be. I have made one up for Christmas with Rudolph inside................ oh the possibilities!!


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