Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Card Gift Set Tutorial

This was one of my favorite projects at my last demos. It has taken me forever to do the tutorial so apologies for that!. It looks very involved and difficult but I promise it is a lot simpler then it looks and you could do it with your eyes closed once you have made it once. I photographed all the steps so hopefully it should be easy to follow. Enjoy.Please note: some measurements are in inches and some in centimeters so just keep an eye out for that through the tutorial. I have indicated this on each section you are making.

Base Card measured in inches - 12" x 5¾"
Score along the length at (inches) 5¼"  and6 ¾"
Fold score lines.
Now is the time to decorate internally.

Now to make your pen holder. You do this by wrapping a piece of 1cm x 5 ½ cm piece of card around the pen to create a loop. You will have the two ends sticking out the back of the pen (see photos). Decorate your internal central panel and when this is done, cut a slit in a central position large enough for your two ends to tightly slide through, keep the pen in the loop at this stage as you want to make sure it fits nice and snug to the book.. Turn to the central outside panel, cut off the excess on the loop ends and stick down the remaining ends. (see photos). Now when you cover the external outside panel the fixing of your pen holder will be covered.

 Also decorate externally at this point as it will be more difficult to decorate after the pockets for the envelopes and cards go on inside. When you start to decorate externally the first thing you must do is attach the ribbon. I wrap it around the length of the book and leave extra for my bow hanging out the edge. Stick this ribbon down with a small piece of double sided tape placed centrally on the front panel, the back panel and the middle panel, this will help stop it moving when you are decorating the rest of the book.. Once this ribbon is in place it is time to cover it by decorating the covers with your papers and toppers.

Internal Pockets (make 2 of these).    **Working in centimeters this time**

Cut a piece of card stock to 10cm x 15cm
Score down the length at 1cm, 2cm, 13cm and 14cm
Score across the width at 6cm and 7cm        

Cut out sections as shown in photo. Cut on the inside of the score lines (closest to the inside of the piece of card). No score line should be left visible in these sections.
Place double sided tape in area shown below. Tape should be strong and no wider than 1cm. If you don’t have tape
at this width just cut some larger tape to the right size.
Fold all lines in valley folds (all one direction – see photo below)

Remove backing from double sided tape and stick.

 When stuck together place double sided tape (strong) all over the back as shown below.

Pockets are now ready to stick on and decorate. It is important to get these as central and in line as possible.
I tend to make the envelopes and cards before I stick these down as you can then pop an envelope into the pocket before you stick the pocket down this will ensure you are placing it at the right height (so envelope doesn’t show over the top of the book). I then take off the tape and place the second pocket on top of the first (see photo). Please excuse the battered look of the second pocket it is my demo sample!. I then close the cover over so it meets at the edge and press down gently so it catches onto the double sided tape on the pocket. Open up and ensure the pocket is stuck tightly

 Cards- (4 of these needed). (Inches)

Cards are measured and cut at 8" x 4" and scored at 4" across width. Fold over and you will have a 4 x 4 card.

Envelopes to fit 4 x 4 cards – (make 4) (Centimeters)

Cut a piece of card to measure 24cm x 12½cm
Score at 1cm and 11 ½ cm along the long side of the card
Score at 4 1/2cm and 16cm down the width of the card                                            
Cut out shaded areas. On the inside of the score line cut the side flaps in at a slight angle so they can fold in nicely without catching.

 Put strong double sided tape in area shown (larger end panel)  
 Corner the edges to soften the look of it all.
 See – pretty!!!!
 Take off double sided tape, fold in all scores and stick together as shown
 Put double sided tape on the flap so envelope can be sealed for posting
 Decorate as desired.  I have stamped the Tatty Teddy little wooden stamp Peekabear and then used the clear Forever Friends "The Good Life" (Journal) set and stamped it over him.
On the back I have again stamped from the Forever Friends "The Good Life" (Journal) set.
 Well that is it, I hope it made sense to you all. Hope you have fun making it. I have made one with the new Christmas papers and if you don't get to see at my demo don't worry as I will upload it as soon as the demos are over in a few weeks.


  1. This was FANTASTIC to see 'in the flesh' today. Loved it! Definitely on the list for making :)

  2. Fabulous project, I shall definitely have to try one of these! TFS! :)

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