Friday, July 15, 2011

Cardmaking Summer Challenge................. if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I would love to see what you can come up with from this tutorial. I have given no finished sample for you to bounce off. I just want you to work from your own crafting inspiration. This is a general tutorial with no step by step pictures just a couple of tables showing scoring and cutting to keep you on the right track.

Take a good photo of your sample and email it to me at and I will put all samples up on my blog for everyone to see. All entrants names will go in a hat and a winner will be picked out (by an independent non card making person) to win a little goodie pack that I will put together. This is not a competition, it is a challenge so the winner will be a random pick and most of all it is for FUN…………. You have until the 31st of August so take your time and enjoy making it. This Challenge is open to everyone from beginners all the way up to designers, its not about how amazing your projects might be but its all about giving it a go and taking up the challenge.


Trim a sheet of A4 card to 21cm x 28.4cm.
Score down the long part of your card from top to bottom at 7cm and 14cm.
Score down the short part of your card at 3.7cm, 10.7cm, 17.7cm, 24.7cm.
The next scores will be in the top and bottom sections of the card only. Score at 5.7cm and 22.7cm.

Cut the last scores that you made in the top and bottom rows and then cut either side of them (see below image),
Cut marks are indicated in thick dark lines.

On the short tabs, cut at a slight angle, this step helps the box to close with all the layers of the card.

Use the middle folds to create a box, with the end pieces as half a box each.

Place sticky tape/glue on small flaps for the half box lids and the flaps beside them to help the internal box stayed closed (this little gem I want you to work out yourself…….come on you can do it… know you can….)

Here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of what your project should look like (before it is decorated). The first picture shows how your box will look just before you tape it together to make the internal box.
 This is how your box will look completed before you decorate it.
Enjoy and remember it’s just for fun…………


  1. Cliona, fabulous challenge and fabulous site. I am loving our tutorials, specially now that I got my own MS scorer!

    Thanks for the link to my blog, I've added your to mine too.

    I've make some cards last year based on a previous class of yours, link here (scroll down a bit).

  2. Hi Cliona, I have jsut posted my attempt at the gift box on my blog. This was fun. Thanks for the challenge. You should be able to see the result when you click on my photo. Hope you like it.

  3. Hey Cli..... my entry is now up!!! I had great fun making this fab box!!
    Thanks for the challenge!

    Nikki x

  4. Going to have a go at this in the morning! Hope I don't make a mess of it! Ger x.

  5. Okay, done - e-mailed you. Ger x.