Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Keep Calm and Craft

This project was something I made for demo to show how to upcycle old items. I based the projects around Cardmaking box set and a perfume box set I received. The boxes were just too good to leave lying around. Both boxes are decorated with the Parisienne Blue Collection from Docrafts and all the dies are from Xcut:   Haberdashery A5 Die Set, Sewing Patches Die Set,  Trim Boarders A5 Die Set and the Carnival Alphabet die sets. I have to say I love these projects. they hang from the back like a picture would and I used bakers twine doubled up and it was super strong and perfect for hanging.

I attached the Bakers Twine first so I could cover it with the paper when I decorated.When the boxes were decorated I took a simple Artists board and decorated it with the wording (which I embossed) , flowers, die cuts etc. I raised the artists board using 3D foam on a roll.I doubled it up to give a little height.

Well I hope you like it. I love mine hanging in the studio and the second one went to a great demonstrator friend of mine for her craft space. So have a look at your old gift boxes hanging around and see if you can convert them into a great gift for someone :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A5 Envelope Calender

Well its been a mad 11 months for me. My computer has been on the blitz, my printer died, my camera refuses to take photos! I have been focusing on loosing weight and reached my target last week (6 stone 4 pounds lost) and my daughter who has been ill for over 2 1/2 years has finally received a diagnosis for her illness. So as I said its been a mad 11 months :)

Well I am hoping that life is getting back on track and that I will be able to post more to the blog. Sorry at everyone who has been checking for posts only to find that nothing new had been put up.

So here we go. First post in FOREVER!!!!

I made this calender for one of my demonstrations. Its made out of A5 envelopes  covered back and front. You can choose to leave the flaps open and tucked in so that if you give it as a gift you could also include a card within each envelope so that he receiver has a card to send to someone for every month of the year. Once you have covered the 12 envelopes punch a hole in the tops (the non flap side) and hold them together with book rings. The  last few photos are partially decorated as I ran out of time but what I am going to do is change up the calender for a 2015 calender and finish decorating all the pages so I can gift it for a family member at Christmas.
  I hope you like it and Happy Crafting Everyone.

Monday, March 24, 2014

6 Fold Panel Card Tutorial

Well so much for my last post of being back to blogging. My computer has not been going along with the whole plan!!! Today it seems to like me so I am putting up a quick post before it has a little fit again!

This is a card I have been showing since January in my demos. Its a nice easy fold and just gives a really effective look.

Take an A4 Piece of card and score at 3cm, 6cm, 12cm, 15cm, 24cm and 27m.
 Fold from the left in Mountain, Valley, Valley, Mountain, Valley and Mountain folds.

I hope you get to give it a try.

Happy Crafting Everyone :)