Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Table Top Card Tutorial

Its Day 2 of Tutorial Week on Night Owl Designs. This is a pop up table for your card. I love all things pop up anyway but this has to be one of those "special" cards. The funny thing is that once you have made it once you will realize how quickly you can put it together. There is nothing like a card that gets a fab reaction but in reality it hasn't taken you that long to make! Yeah, happy days!!

 Cut two strips of card measuring 2cm x 9cm

Score at 2cm, 4cm, 6cm and 8cm. you will be left with a 1cm tab. Place double sided tape on this.
Fold all score lines in the same direction and attach the tab to the further edge of the card to form a box shape (see photo). Do this with both pieces of card.

 Put double sided tape on one side of one box and attach it to the second box (see below)
 From now on we will call this your pop up mechanism.
Now cut a piece of card 15cm x 9 ½ cm.
 Fold in half. This is your Pop up table.
 Decorate your table front. I have just put paper on at this stage for the tutorial but I would normally decorate it completely.
 Now get your card ready: Take an A6 card and decorate it externally. Also decorate internally  if you want to as as it is a lot more difficult to decorate afterward you have attached your table.

Right, back to the table top. Fold it so that the pattern is on the outside as shown in the photograph below. Open it up, you are going to work on the back of the table (the white side of the card).
 Take your pop up mechanism in your hand and either side of where the squares are joined together put double sided tape. You should now have two square opposite of one another with tape on them.
 Now place the pop up mechanism down on the table so that there is a piece of double sided tape facing each side of the card,(one on the card and one facing up) butt the squares with the tape on them up to the central score mark. Ignore the fact that my square facing up looks like it has an extra score line in it, it is actually just two pieces of double sided tape on the square to ensure that I had it completely covered.

 Take the backing off the tape on the square facing upwards and carefully close the card down on top of it. I tend to hold onto the mechanism to make sure it stays in place.
 It should now look like this.
 Now do the same to the second square with tape on it - expose the tape and close the card down on it.

 When you open up the card it should look like this picture below.
Now fold the card so that the decorative table part of it is closed in the middle. If you look you can see the square hanging over the side of the card. Place double sided tape on this square and the one on the opposite side.

 Take your A6 card (mine is undecorated, yep cause I'm rushing!) and place the table in the card as shown below in the photo. Place the mechanism right up to the card central fold.
Remove the double sided tape from the square facing upwards and press the card front down on to it.
Flip the card over and do the same on the other side.

You now have a Table Top pop up card.
You could even make a smaller mechanism and use it to mount up a small greeting on top of your original table and make it a double pop up table card. Just reduce your measurement by 1/2cm and make it a thinner strip. You could even have 3 tables popping up (one on top of the other). Ah the possibilities are endless!

Well I hope you have as much fun making this as I did.

Happy crafting everyone, see you tomorrow.