Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double Pop Card Tutorial

I have a thing about Pop up cards, I get really excited when I make them. There's just something special about a card that jumps up at you. lol. So for day four of Tutorial Week I am going to show you a double pop up mechanism for your cards.

This is a card I made last year from the "Honey and Hugs" range from Docrafts, I love the little mechanism that makes this card pop. I am showing you a completed card here but the tutorial itself is undecorated card stock as it just seemed easier to show you the method without cluttering it up with papers etc.

All measurements are in inches for this tutorial.
Cut card stock base to 8 1/2” x 5 ½ “. Score at 4 ¼ to make an A2 size card.
Decorate the inside of your card now as once you have attached the pop up it will become more difficult to do this.

Cut a strip of cardstock to 1” x 8” long. Use a wider the strip if you have heavy embellishments and you will have better support.
 Score and fold the strip at :
 (V= Valley Fold)     (M= Mountain Fold)
2” (V), 2 ½ “(V), 5 ½ “ (M), 6” (M), 7” (M), 7 ½” (M)
 Add strong double sided tape to the smallest end section (tab)
Join the last ½” tab to the long 3” section as shown. It will form a rectangle shape.
Cut a small piece of cardstock ½” x 2 ½”. Put strong double sided tape on the ends only – Leave the middle part open. See photos.
Place the small strip you have just cut and join it to the top section of your card, centered and about 1½” down from the top edge of the card.
 Slide the 2” section of the long mechanism strip down through the gap in the short strip attached to your card but do not glue it. It has to move up and down freely as you open and close the card.
Place strong double sided tape to the ½” section on the bottom of the folded strip (the end of the little box) and join it to the base of the card as shown below. It will be about ½” from the center fold.

Cut, layer and stamp two separate embellishments for the inside of the card. You can put anything you want here but just keep in mind how bulky it will be when you close the card. (mine are blank for the tutorial)
Place double sided tape mechanism. One at the bottom and one at the top as shown.
 Now add your decorated panels.

 Decorate the front of card and you are done.

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did when I first found out how to do it. I have had some great reactions from people on this card so its worth giving it a go. We all love a WOW reaction when we give a card :)

Well back to work for me I have another three tutorials to write up. I have spent the day photographing step by steps and getting ready for my class tomorrow. I have a sick little girl snuggled up on the sofa and a husband out at his work Christmas Party. Ah the the day is not even close to being over!!! 

Happy crafting all.


  1. Yes you are so right about pop up cards being special-- I love trying out new pop up card designs. you have a wonderful blog
    Cheers from India