Thursday, August 18, 2011

Box Drawer Card Tutorial

This is a cute little Box Drawer Card that I made in my last demos. It is so simple to make, just a few score lines and some double sided tape. Its a fab project for using your leftover paper and embellishments. The cutting, scoring and folding of this box can take about 10 minutes, fantastic for a quick little project. You can put anything from Jewelery to sweets in this. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(all measurements for this tutorial are in Inches)
Drawer holder: Cut a piece of card to * 3” x 12”
Score  card at  3”, 4”, 7”, 8”, and 11”. 
Cover with your paper or stamp now. Place sticky tape on the small flap.
Fold flap over into a square and stick with double sided tape. (see photo)

 Drawer: Cut a piece of card to * 4 7/8" x 4 7/8"
Take the card and score it 1" from each edge. 

On two opposite ends, cut the scored line up to where the scores join. Fold all the joins inwards in valley folds.
Turn card over and put double sided tape on the 4 flaps you have just created

Working corner by corner, take off the double sided tape and join all flaps into the side of the drawer as shown in the photo. Your drawer should now look like the photo below.

I decorated the front of the drawer with a semi circle of paper.
Pierce a hole in the center of the drawer front and add a brad to act as a drawer handle.
I add the brad quite loosely so there is a little bit of space between it and the drawer as it just makes it much easier to open the drawer

Place the drawer inside its card pocket. Voila, you card box is made.

For those of you who are Do Crafts Creativity Club Members you should check out Clare Curds Easel Box Card  (Episode 56) and there is a template of her easel version to download from the Creativity Club download section on the Do Crafts web site.


  1. Lovely idea Cliona will have to try it.hugs

  2. thank you for this . i have been looking for something like this for weeks .you are a godsend .xx

  3. Fab tutorial, going to make one of these tonight! :)

  4. Hi Cliona, just found your blog through the docrafts website. love this little box and all your other tutorials. Like yourself I teach cardmaking classes, would you mind if I used this in one of my classes. Funnily enough I have also taught some of your other items to my class already - great minds think alike!!!. I have a little tutorial blog with a few tutorial on (not updated for ages) you may find some thing of use to yourself on there. Let me know if you do I would love to see you take on it.
    Lyndsey xx