Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Cracker Card Tutorial

Well its Tuesday now and I am finally coming back to life after the Great Big Craft Extravaganza. What a fantastic two days. Crafters have to be the nicest people in the world, I had a wonderful time and everyone was great. I haven't been there for a few years and it has just gone from strength to strength, the shops, classes and organization was amazing..

Anyhow back to work and onto the tutorial. Being the lazy little thing that I am, a few years ago I came up with this Lazy Christmas Cracker card. I am sure there are loads of other cracker tutorials out there but at the time I couldn't find a tutorial that didn't involve payment so I decided to make my own!!!!
Take a tall Card
 Mark it in pencil along the spine and the opening (long part of the card). Mark from each side at 1", 1½ " and 2" (yep, I know.... I forgot to put the 1½" mark on the card and I forgot to indicate the 2" mark on the card...........and no I didn't take another photo to show it........hehehe.....I did say this was a lazy card!!!)
Now, the 1½" mark is really only there to indicate the center between the other two marks. Straight up from that mark at 1¼" make a dot on the card.
Now draw a line from the 1" mark to the 1¼" dot and from the 2" mark to the 1¼ dot. Do this on all four sections and you will end up with four triangles.
 Cut out these four triangles.
Cover in double sided tape, making sure to cover all the little points etc.
Remove double sided tape backing and place a sheet of patterned paper over the card. Rub the paper to make sure it is stuck down properly and then cut off any excess you don't need.
 Now decorate. Loop 2 pieces of  ribbon around the front V's in the card and tie a knot ( I am much better at knots than bows!!) cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle to pretty it up. Be sure only to tie the ribbon around the front piece, I know, I know, I know it sounds obvious but I seriously tied it around front and back at the same time and ended up with a card that wouldn't open..............ah we learn from our mistakes!
Done, done, done..................... happy lazy day cards. Once you have made one of these you will fly through making it the next time. It is a great card for making in bulk, I always make a few of these each year as they get a lovely reaction from everyone.

Star Card tutorial will be up on the blog by the end of the week (either Saturday or Sunday Night), for those of you who haven't seen this at my demo in Athlone, just wait, you are going to love love love it.


  1. Lovely to meet you on Friday morning and browse your gorgeous demo cards, was so sorry I couldn't sit at your table and watch but I was so pushed for time. Looking forward to the star card tutorial. Ger x.

  2. Great tut! I would also be the one tying the ribbon round both sides!
    Dawn xx

  3. wow this is great thanks for sharing with us & now following your blog x

  4. Great tutorial, I am going to have to give this one a go :)
    Becky x

  5. Excellent, simple enough for my primary school children to have a go at and very relevant as out nativity this year is called 'It's a Cracker!'