Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teepee them.

Well I am headed off to The Great Big Craft Extravaganza in the morning to demo for JM Crafts from Tullamore and Do Crafts for 2 days and I have been making cards solidly for the week..........dear lord I hope the give me a big table to work on!!!!  If you are Ireland based you should check it out at There are some fantastic classes going on and fab shops to spend spend spend in!!!!

I have been working away on Tutorials as well this week and should be uploading at least two of them next week.

In the meantime I thought I would show you my versions of a card made by Nikki from What Nikki did Next blog. I loved this card when I saw it originally and was searching for a tutorial for ages and then along comes Nikki and uploads one to her blog (the little genius).  You will find her blog on the right hand side of my blog page.

So here they are, I hope you like them.

Christmas Tree Teepee

 Traditional Christmas Teepee
Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. I love teepee's too! Might have to case your Christmas tree one!
    Dawn xx

  2. Case away dawn, its cute isen't it.