Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teepee them.

Well I am headed off to The Great Big Craft Extravaganza in the morning to demo for JM Crafts from Tullamore and Do Crafts for 2 days and I have been making cards solidly for the week..........dear lord I hope the give me a big table to work on!!!!  If you are Ireland based you should check it out at There are some fantastic classes going on and fab shops to spend spend spend in!!!!

I have been working away on Tutorials as well this week and should be uploading at least two of them next week.

In the meantime I thought I would show you my versions of a card made by Nikki from What Nikki did Next blog. I loved this card when I saw it originally and was searching for a tutorial for ages and then along comes Nikki and uploads one to her blog (the little genius).  You will find her blog on the right hand side of my blog page.

So here they are, I hope you like them.

Christmas Tree Teepee

 Traditional Christmas Teepee
Have a good weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Venetian Easel Card with Tatty Teddy

So I have been a sick little puppy for the last week and haven't managed to blog at all.......very bold me. I am still on the road to recovery so instead of drumming up something new I thought I would show you a a card I made in one of my May/June demos. The card fold came from the Joanna Sheen website,  this is the link for the tutorial:

I just happened upon it on my travels and had to give it a go. I love it as a fold and you all know how I love card folds!!!

 Well as soon as I get back on my feet, I will be back to blogging on a permanent basis, hopefully it won't take too long :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pocket Fold Gift Pouch

This is a great little pouch that is really quick to make and can hold little sweets etc to give as a gift or make it in miniature and it can be attached to a card and have flowers spill out of it.

Don't forget to use your Bone Folder to sharpen all the score lines. Right here we go....

Use a  square piece of cardstock, I have used doubled sided cardstock in this sample. (any size)
Fold corner to corner to form a triangle.
 Fold down the top point to about 1/2" from the bottom fold (see picture). Don't get panicked about measuring the gap it will all work out in the end!
Lift the folded flap up out of the way. Now take the bottom right hand corner and fold across and up to just below the score line you created when you made the flap.
 Now do the same with the left hand bottom corner.
 Your Pocket should now look like this.
 Fold the flap back down over your two folded pieces. Pop your hand inside and create your open pocket.
 The flap will actually keep everything in glue it.

Now Decorate. I have lost my original finished project photograph but you can see it here on my Do Crafts gallery. As I am still a beginner at all this blogging stuff I have yet to learn how to make the link so you can just click on it!!!!! Until I learn all this complected stuff just copy the link and paste into the address bar and it should take you to the project!!! (fingers

Monday, September 5, 2011

Paper Piecing House Card

I find paper piecing to be one of my favorite type of cards to make. Bit by bit you build your picture and its only at the end that you get the full impact of the card. The stamp is from Dimension Fourth, the papers are from the Born to Shop range by Docrafts. The stamp itself had stitching around it so I just mirrored that by using a thin black pen to create stitching around the papers and finished it all off with a cute little button in the middle of the sun.

I taught this in class and I just put a big folder of left over paper pieces from other projects on the table, you should have seen what everyone turned out. The cards were all unique. The girls used papers I would never have thought to use on this project and the colors they put together ended up looking stunning. Happy days :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Winner is..................................

Maurice Corcoran

Well done Maurice. Those scrummy goodies will be winging their way to you. Give them a crafty home :)

Entries for Summer Cardmaking Challenge are up on the Blog

Hi all, well here are the fantastic entries for the Summer Cardmaking Challenge and I loved getting them in my inbox. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part. Your entries are really really beautiful. The draw is talking place as I type and as soon as I get the phone call to tell me who has won. I will blog it straight away. I am so excited.... everyone keep your fingers could be you :). Either way you are all winners for taking up the challenge and taking time to enter. Well done again.

Eileen Carrick

Jacqui Haskins

Geraldine McCormack 

Maurice Corcoran


Nikky Smith

Pamela Corcoran

Entries for Summer Cardmaking Challange

Its now Midnight on the 31st of August and entries for the Cardmaking Summer Challenge are closed!!!! The winner will be announced in the next few days and I will get the pictures up of all the entries. Well done everyone who took part, I have loved getting opening my email everyday to check if anything has come in.

Best fun EVER :)