Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Coffin Invites

I absolutely meant to post these photos of Hannah's Halloween Party Invites yesterday (or at least in the last week!!!!) but I have been getting ready for the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS and its been a bit manic around here!!! These coffins are super easy to make as they are a template downloaded from the Martha Stewart website. I just popped onto google and searched for Martha Stewart Halloween Coffin template and there it

Its a simple template that you print out, staple to black card, cut, score and glue. Martha even has a video up on the site showing you how to do it. I tied them closed with twine but before that I popped in a ticket invite which was again downloaded from the web. I put it in Word and wrote the text over it and printed them off. The skeletons that lie on top of the ticket were bought in the Euro Shop as a Halloween garland of 5 skeletons for €2.00.

They all really looked excellent and the kids there blown away with them. A great feeling to find you can impress 14 year
Hannah dressed up as one of her favorite characters from the series of books she is reading at the moment and at the end of a fantastic party I managed to get a quick photo of here is a photo of my stunning daughter the Shadow Hunter.....

I hope you all had a great Halloween....................happy crafting everyone :)