Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Deco Box Frame Card

Just a really quick post today.

This is another card from the Art Deco range from Docrafts. The picture nestles in a dropped frame within the card. I forgot to photograph the box I made to go with least I forgot to photograph the box before I sat on it!!! Yep............I did it!!!  Not to worry the main thing I wanted to show you was the card itself!

Happy Crafting Everyone :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Art Deco Boxed Window Card

Well I am working away on a huge commission at the moment all my demos and my classes so with a crippled laptop (it only works when it feels like it) it has become a bit of a challange to get a blog post up!

Today's project was one I was showing in my November December demos for Docrafts. It's been a few years since I made one of these cards and I honestly can't understand why............I love them. I think maybe I didn't make this card in a while because until last year I couldn't make a box to save my life and now I make them all the time!!

This is a stunning card for the receiver or you could use it so that when the card is lifted out  a gift card is nestled in the tissue paper.
Box Side View
Box Front View

Box when first opened

Tissue paper opened up
Window card side view.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Deco Pop up Card

Well I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks now as my laptop is a sick little puppy. I have a horrible feeling that I may have to get a new one at some stage in the near future!!!! After taking off a heap of stuff the laptop and putting it on an external hard drive it is finally letting me do a post, but oh boy it is taking ages!

For Christmas my fab hubby bought me an IPad and I have been able to roam the internet but have been unable to do any blog posts! I tried to do some housekeeping on the blog with the IPad and managed to delete about 100 lovely comments left on my different blog posts. I was actually trying to delete all the spam that arrives on the blog every day.. So I am sending out a massive apology to everyone who took the time to make a comment on the various blog posts. I promise I have learned my lesson and will double check everything before I touch the delete button again!!! 

So today I thought I wiould show you one of the pop up cards I made from the gorgeous Art Deco range from DoCrafts. I will be showing quite a few cards made with this range on the blog as I just loved working with all the images.  This card contains 2 pop up mechnisims. Its lovley and luxourious on the ouside and when you open it up both the images and the greetings pop up and stand.
Front of the card
Card when opened up
Looking down on the pop ups.
Well I hope you like it. Happy crafting everyone :)