Monday, February 27, 2012 they come mom announced over the weekend that she is bringing my baby (12 years old) and her cousin (13 years old) to India for 11 days!!!! Needless to say the excitement is unreal in our house at the moment. Hannah has been talking about wanting to go to India for about 2 years now, she loves Indian movies, saris, bindis and the list goes on :). After the shock came the tears of disbelief and now the complete and total excitement. They went out and bought books on India after Nana told them the news and we have had a very focused and obsessed child ever since.  Is it very bold to say that I am thrilled and excited for her but am planning my 11 days of freedom since oh about 2 seconds after I was told about the

Anyway in honor of her trip ahead I thought I would show you a little Travel Journal I made with the Papermania Travel Print Urban Stamps. We have a shop here called Bookstation and they were selling off little wire bound books with the children's cartoon Miffy on the front for only €2.00. So €10.00 later (I couldn't just buy one!!!!) and I was ready to go.......

To start  I removed the back and front covers from their wire binding and covered them with Kraft card and then stamped the images in the stamp set all over them. I highlighted one of the stamps on white card and punched it out with the postage stamp punch from Xcut. The lettering is from the Me to You Winter Wonderland cardstock stickers (love them!!!). I thought I would give this to Hannah to take with here as she is forever drawing and this would be a great little diary and sketch book for her.

The little tag is a Kraft tag from Docrafts. I cut out a rectangle from a Post It note, placed it centrally on the tag, drew a line around the rectangle and then stamped around it with the same stamp set I used on the journal above. Then when I removed the post it note I was left with this lovely clear section to write a name and address. Needless to say I now have to go off and make more of these for everyone to put on their suitcases.

Hope you like it and happy crafting everyone.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Urban Stamps - Letters and Butterflies

OK its official.............I love Urban Stamps. They stamp with such clarity and depth of impression and lets be honest they are just yummy to play with!!!! Match them with with the very versatile Stepper Cards and its just heaven to craft. 

This card was made using the Papermania Botanical Print Urban Stamps from Docrafts. The letter stamp was printed 7 - 8 times onto white card and sponged lightly in purple ink. Each stamped letter was then cut out individually and cut into 4 sections. I attached them to the stepper card using double sided tape (my little baby!) leaving a small gap between each section so I could create the background for the card. I then stamped the butterfly image and layered it onto white and purple scalloped circles. The wording comes from the Papermania Type Print Urban Stamps set and again I just mounted and layered it on purple and white card. You can't really see it in the photos but the butterflies are glazed with Anitas 3D gloss and it just finishes off the card beautifully.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Excited me.........................yep

So there I am Demoing away and one of my fab customers gives me the most amazing present. John had seen my blog and saw that I had Hannah holding up a piece of white card so I could take my photographs for the blog. So you are not going to believe what he did, he brought me the most amazing fantastic incredible gift........ a Professional Digital Studio Kit with light and a tripod. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No more forcing Hannah to sit for an hour hiding behind a piece of card so I can photograph my cards. John you are a legend........ :) I set it up today and played for ages (hehehe).

 This is the first card I photographed usinig my new set up and this was before I even set the lights up. Its my Valentine card to Gary. I love this little image and with just a little bit of highlighting, a little greeting, some hearts and lace it is a nice simple cute card......well Gary loved it anyway!
Happy Crafting I am off to play with lighting, cameras etc etc. (giggle!)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Ripple

I totally love this card. Its made with papers form the Docrafts Birthday range and finished off with a little Forever Friends Topper. The paper is just folded and then laid down onto double sided tape placed on the card and the frame is fitted over it and attached with 3D foam.

This was a fantastic idea from Amazing Paper Grace Blog her blog is stunning. She is a completely different crafter from me so I just adapted the idea to my style of card. There are some great tutorials on her blog and its worth grabbing a coffee and having a look around. . I have tried to find the original link for her tutorial on this type of card and have not been able to find it, so I have emailed her and when I get it I will link it in this post.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Crafting.