Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vellum Flower.

Day 7. The final day of Clean and Simple week.

I have to say I love this card. This was Holly Flourish Glitter Vellum from DoCrafts, I wrapped it around a square of Cranberry and Apple Paper and mounted it onto my square card. The flower is made from the same Cranberry paper. I scored the leaves on the Coppernob Multi Scoreboard. You score two leaves at a time and when you have 6 in total, curve the leaves with your hand and just criss cross them over one another and join them together in the center  to make your flower.. I lifted this flower up with a 3D foam dot and put a cute embellishment in the center.

Hope you have enjoyed this week of Clean and Simple cards now off you go and make some yourself  :)

Happy Crafting everyone.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clean and Simple - Happy Birthday.

 Day 6 of Clean and Simple week. I hope you have all been off making your own Clean and Simple cards :)

I just love this blue and white spotted paper from the DoCrafts Tulip range. I wanted this card to be soft with just a touch of bling to lift it.The image as they say.......says it all. It has the greeting and the picture all rolled into one so it just needed a little  bit of dressing :) Nice clean lines everywhere in this card........hmmmmm. Yep I like it!!!!!!

See you all tomorrow. Happy crafting everyone.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Clean and Simple - With Love

Well its already Day 5 of Clean and Simple Week. Wow the week has just flown by. Today's card was made using the stamps from the  Cancer Research Tweet Set.

They cages are stamped out in Coffee Bean ink. The ribbon has been attached by making a cut slightly larger than the ribbon into the spine of the card. I pulled the ribbon through the slit and joined both pieces of ribbon at the front of the card in the center with double sided tape. I then made the bow separately and placed a brad through the center. This was then joined to the card with strong double sided tape. Final thing to do was to stamp the sentiment.

I have a demonstration in Hillmount in Belfast this weekend so its time I skip off and do some work!!!

Happy Crafting everyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clean and Simple - With Sympathy

Today's CAS card is one of  my favorites  from over the years. It was just so simple to create and so very elegant.

The stamp was a large wooden stamp DoCrafts brought out about 3 years ago. With Sympathy cards are difficult cards for me (I always feel I should put more on them - very inappropriate!!)  but this one was so easy to put together. Sometimes I get so caught up with the feeling that I have to color in stamped images when actually if I just walk away and come back and look at the image I discover that less really is more. That was absolutely the way with this card. I have to say it has become very much my standard Sympathy card. 15 minutes to put together and its done and dusted.

Happy crafting everyone.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clean and Simple - 'With Love'

The third Clean and Simple card of the week- yep its official I like simplistic. Now before your think it, I do not mean I am simplistic!!! Cheeky!!!

This A6 card is made from the Forever Friends 'Black and Gold' collection A1 decoupage sheet. I love these little flowers they are made using a cute folding technique found here How to fold Rose - Paper Quilling

Hope you like it. Happy crafting everyone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is a smile

Day 2 of Clean and Simple week.

I love the simplicity of this card. I sometimes really struggle with very patterned papers and this is just the easiest way to break up the pattern and make some lovely cards.

Take your card (in this instance I used a square card). I cut the paper about 15cm - 20cm smaller than the card.  Cut the paper into 4 sections and mat the sections onto green card. Place 3D foam on the back of each square and evenly place the four squares onto your card. Pick your greeting or image and mount it onto green card as well. Place 3D foam on the back and place centrally on the card.  Ta da.....All done.

This is a great simple card and when can be done with 4 or more pieces so long as they are evenly sized.

Happy crafting everyone.

Monday, January 23, 2012

CAS - Clean and Simple Week

Clean and simple or CAS for short . Ya gotta love it. I love it so much I have decided to do a week of posts on it so here we go........

There are a few different descriptions of CAS cards. Some people see it as leaving a lot of open space, some see it as uncluttered, some see it as having very few layers. I think it is very personal to the designer if you think your card is clean and simple then that's what it there!!!!! lol.

This card was made using the Secret Garden Embossing folder from Papermania, the XCut Scallop boarder punch and the petal posy decorative dies from XCut.

The base card is black. Cut the embossed white piece into 4 equal sections and mount onto white card leaving small gaps in between each section. Stamp your greeting on the right hand side of a piece of white card and then cut that piece long enough to fit over the width of your card. Mat and layer onto black, white and black again. Mount this section onto your card and then pop your flower on. I tend to use 3D gloss to stick the flower on as with the flower layers and the brad it is quite a heavy embellishment and the gloss just seems to make it rock solid on a card. :)

This is based on a card I saw a while ago on the web and I have been looking for the original card so I could give the credit to the original designer but have decided to give up searching for now as I am having no luck. If I find the designer I'll pop her blog link onto this post later on.

Happy Crafting everyone.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jazz up your A6 Cards

Well I have been so busy for the last 10 days or so that I haven't managed to upload anything onto the blog. I thought I would show you some of my cards that were in the last "Creativity Magazine" Issue 30 from Docrafts. They are made by using the  Papermania 52 All Occasion Card Kit. When you get a Box kit to work with you find that all the cards are the same size( in this case they were all A6 in size), you have a set kind of paper and embellishments etc. I sometimes love the challenge of making these cards just look different. So this is what I came up with.

This is an A6 card with just 2 small  panels cut out of the front. The greeting keeps the panels together and steady.

This is 2 A6 cards joined together in the same way the A6 Calender was made (see tutorial link on the side panel).

Front View
Side View
Back view (for message/greeting)

Again an A6 Card with deep top corners cut off.

A6 Card with a section cut out of the middle. Twirler is held on with thin jewellery wire. I scored about 1cm from the spine of the card on just the front panel and then stuck this section  together with double sided tape (to the back panel) whilst catching the jewellery wire to hold it steady. (confusing!!!!)
A6 Card. Take front panel and fold it in half  back on itself to meet the spine of the card. Now just decorate. I used a Tulip topper from a previous demo to be the main accent to the card.
A6 Card with simple tags and flowers.Just round off the corners.

A6 Card: The flower is the main part of this card. Just dressed up with some paper piercing.

With this A6 card I scored from corner to corner - left to right and then right to left at an angle with even spacing to create the crossed design on the front of this A6 card and then just dressed it up with flowers and a greeting.
Take your A6 card and follow the instructions on the Docrafts Tutorial here - Handbag Card Tutoral 
Well hopefully you like the projects above and they will give you a little bit of inspiration on how to jazz up your A6 cards in future.

Happy Crafting everyone.