Monday, March 4, 2013

Broken Shoulder - quite a good reason to be quiet!!

I thought it might be time to put up a post explaining my absence from my blog for so many weeks. I fell about 6 weeks ago and broke my shoulder. Sadly the doctor I went to told me I was fine and it took another 9 days for me to get up the nerve to go back to another doctor . I was sent straight for an Xray and then put in a stablishing sling for the last 5 weeks or so!!!

Needless to say I had tried to work during the 9 days and really didn't do myself any favours, so its taken a bit longer to heal then normal. I am now trying to work but as you can imagine if there was a speed slower then SLOW, then that the one I am working at. I a went to the fracture clinic today and I am allowed to slowly get used to being without the sling but because the pain in still so bad they are sending me for an MRI to check out if I have maybe torn muscles as well in my arm.

As this Saturday is the start of the demos for March and April I will be working away at getting demo samples ready so I am hoping that next week I can start uploading cards and projecs.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around while I fell off the blogging planet and I promise I will be back on track as soon as I can.

As I only got to photograph a few of my cards in January I thought I would pop them up tonight so I had something to show you. As soon as I can lift my arm up high enough to photograph the rest (or bribe my daughter to take some photos!!!) I will pop some more on :) The range of cards below were all made using the Country Companions Range from Docrafts.

Happy Crafting everyone :)