Thursday, December 20, 2012

Traditional Image Christmas Cards

These are the more Traditional cards made for demos this year. The vary from Decoupage kits to fancy folds to quick cards.

Decoupage Card  Kit
This card was used using the image from the packaging of the card kit above. With just some glitter added to make it pop. (see below)

Standing Box card - Closed
Standing Box Card - Open
Some quick die cuts and a cheap and cheerful topper.
Rocker Card - Kit
Stepper Card Kit
A quick fold card. Take a piece of paper fold it in half. Take one side edge and fold it back to the spine and then do the same to the other side. Voila a quick concertina card. If I was making this card again I wouldn't make the images so heavy or large as it can unbalance the card.
Decoupage frame Card Kit
Topper, Saying, gems, paper and ribbon make a quick and cute card.
Origami Star fold card.

Using the same image to create different cards.
Penny Slider card.
This card is made by cutting a section out of the center of the card and attaching a ribbon in the place of the missing piece. Joins are covered by the outline stickers both externally and internally.

Ok so that's some of the traditional cards. Now I'm off to upload some more for my next post.

Happy Crafting everyone :)


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