Saturday, December 22, 2012

Have a Merry little Tulip Christmas

Ii love making my own background paper and I did this paper below with strips of leftover paper from various projects.I glued them onto light card. I then popped the background paper into an aperture card and placed this sweet little topper on top.
For this card I cut a section off the front of a square card and then attached a piece of acetate  to replace it. I covered up the join at the top on the inside at the back with a panel of card so the workings of the card can't bee seen. A piece of decoupage on top of the acetate and then a panel exactly the same size placed on the inside of the card to cover the double sided tape used when attaching the front image. Then a piece of  white card slightly smaller for the greeting and space for a message.
The main feature of this card is really the silver snowflake Gitteration sticker. I love Christmas with Docrafts because that signals all kinds of new Glitterations are coming out and oh boy  I adore them.
Stepper cards have to be one of my favorite cards to work with as you can just change them into so many types of cards by adding just a few folds This is a stepper card changed into a fancy gatefold card.  I took all the leftover pieces of paper from my other Tulip projects and I cut them into equal sized squares. I covered a sheet of light card with double sided paper and then working from the bottom of the page upwards I started adding the squares, making sure they all butted up to one another neatly. You end up will loads of bits hanging over the edges but you just cut them off and can even use those bits to fill in any gaps. This is a unique background paper as it never end up looking the same when you make it again. A few toppers and die cuts just finishes this card off beautifully.

 A cute little decoupage card kit from Docrafts.
This is a mini card just using a topper, paper boarder strip and gems.
The picture in this card below came from the front cover of the packaging on a Tulip card kit. I just cut it out and popped it behind an aperture card. Some ribbon a greeting and jingle bells finishes it all off nicely :)
Papers, circular toppers, scallops and christmas greetings make an adorable card. I love the idea that this card tells a the story of Tulip sitting by the fireplace, watching out the window and then anxiously waiting in bed for Santa to come.

I took an A6 Card and made it into an easel card by folding the front of the card in half and then adding a panel to the front the same size as the card itself. die cuts, papers, decoupage, gems and a greeting create a gorgeous card.
Happy Crafting Everyone :)


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