Friday, December 21, 2012

Home for Christmas

These were just the most lovely papers and stamps to work with. The projects flowed and a lot of them were for some reason food based!! Not all the photos of my projects are here as most never survived to the picture stage!!!! All the chocolate sliders were eaten either on the way home from demos or by Gary and Hannah when I got home!!

For this project below I bought a large lollypop in Tesco's for under €3.00. The front cover is actually part of the front packaging of the 12 x 12 Home for Christmas Papers. I covered up the advertising part with a tag and some gems and then popped a ribbon on. The back of the lolly is just covered with a Kraft card circle and decorated with another tag. Cute Project isn't it. :)
With this card I just used part of the paper for the front of the card (layered onto red cardstock) and then cut out matching baubles and snowflakes from the same paper to decoupage it. A sweet little greeting and its done.
I used the Baubles Stamp Set for the main picture. Here the baubles are stamped plainly but I have made a few where I embossed the baubles and it look gorgeous.  The background is made using the Homespun Stamp Set. I stamped on green card in White embossing ink and covered it in white embossing power and then heat embossed it. A little bit of layering for the front image and then a greeting attached to the side. Lovely :)
Yep, you guessed it. My favorite little project from this range. A cute little tiny handbag. I just used some excess paper I had left over and wrapped it around a miniature chocolate bar (I buy them with 5 in a pack in Tescos). Then I took another piece of leftover paper and gently wrapped it around the bar to get an idea of where the folds should be. This is a little guess project as each time I made it, it managed to look a bit different. Make sure the folds holding the bar in place are tight to the chocolate so that it doesn't fall out of the handbag. I actually attach a little bit of double sided tape to the bottom of the wrapping on the bar to hold it in place. Before I seal the flap for the handbag I make 2 holes in the flap score line and run my twine through to make the handle. It is just secured with little knots underneath as this project is all sealed up and they won't been seen. The idea is that you just slide the chocolate out of the side of the handbag leaving the chocolate wrapping in place. Trust me this can be done as I have had to replace the chocolate numerous times because it accidentally fell into my tummy!!!
 Well the fabulous Nikki Smith reminded me of this fold. I had only ever seen it done with round tubes and Nikki being Nikki took it further. I am sure she will do a tutorial on this at some stage as it is just a beautiful project to do and I had a great time showing everyone at my demos how to do it. Big shout out to my Mom here as she scored hundred of pieces of paper and put loads of double sided tape on so that everyone at the demos could have a go at making a mini version of this.
 Using the Homespun stamp again. I stamped it in Purple Pigment Ink and threw over clear embossing powder and embossed it with a heat gun. I then took the completed background and cut it into 3 equal sections and mounted them onto purple card.Ribbon was run the width of the card and then the three panels were lifted up on 3D foam with a slight gap between each piece. An embossed tag and greeting then finish off the card.
Well I hope you enjoyed these projects. I had a blast making all of them.

Happy Crafting Everyone :)


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