Friday, August 31, 2012

Triangle Fold Card Tutorial

I have been showing a lot of different folds over the past couple of months at my demos and have handed out over 200  tutorials in the last 8 weeks alone.

Now I am one of those people who forever looses things so I have decided over the next few weeks to upload as many of the tutorials as I can so we can all reference them whenever we need them.

I work to trend, in other words whatever is my trend at the time!!! Then I go off and start on something else and I forget about all the wonderful folds I have learned and used. Well no more........from now on I am going to try to recored ALL of them on the blog and then I will have a constant reminder of all the different things I have learned to do with paper and card so no ideas get lost.

 I decided to go with the Triangle fold card first. It's cute, fast to make once you have had a practice and as all the patterned decoration is done all you have to do is add the embellishments.


Ok, time to get going.........................

Cut a piece of 12” x `12” down to 11” x 11”.    Fold from corner to corner.

Along the fold from the left point make a mark at 3” and 5 ½ now do the same at the right side of the paper. Score all these marks.
Using a bone folder go over all these folds. You are folding them all inwards.

Normal Score Board: Now from the point of the triangle make a mark at 5” up each side of the point. Score from one mark to another.

Martha Stewart Scoreboard: Pop in the envelope triangle and place the paper as shown below (yes it is a different pattern!!!!!) Score down at the 3½" mark
 You will now have a little triangle between the scores where they cross over. Cut these out as shown below

This is what it should look like now.
On the left hand side fold inwards at the 5 ½ fold and the 3" fold

Bend back the 3” fold and pop your finger into the gap between the paper. Push your finger right to the bottom and you will make a type of cone shape.

Then press the cone downwards so that it flattens into a square.
 Aim for the top part of the diamond and then flatten out the end
 Now do the same to the right hand side of the paper.
 At this time you can decide if you want to join the two parts of the flap together or not. I always glue them together as I find it’s a neater finish.
 Bring both diamonds into the center
 Now tuck the flap into the front diamond.
I cover the diamonds with paper a little bit smaller then the actual diamond so it covers up the fold running down the center of it. I also make a panel in the center of the card for the greeting/message. Now embellish with loads of lovely things..

Here is another sample below using more of the Happy Days paper.

Now all you have to do is to make one. Off you go, I'll be fun :)

Happy Crafting everyone.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial - kind of you to share

  2. That looks really effective! Definitely going to try it!!

  3. Awesome tut.. n a lovely card.. really creative..

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