Monday, August 8, 2011

Desk Top Holder Tutorial

I originally made this desktop caddy a few years ago. I saw a photo of it online and worked out the measurements etc. After a few attempts this what I came up with. I used it to give gifts for teachers, friends etc. Its fab if you fill it with pampering products peaking out of each section. It can be used as an Easter Basket. or just as the name suggests you could use it as a desk top caddy. There are just loads of things you could fill it with. Right lets get started.

All measurements are in inches.

Take a 12 x 12 sheet of card make a mark at 4" and 8" an one edge, turn and make marks on the next edge at 4" and 8". Score from these marks across the card and you will end up with 9 boxes. (sorry photo is a bit dark)

Cut 8 squares of patterned paper to fit in the boxes you have just scored. Cut them slightly smaller than the 4" square you are gluing them into as you want a nice small boarder around the paper and you don't want the paper buckling when you fold it all up together.
Glue all 8 pieces to the outside squares. The middle square is actually the bottom of your holder so this does not need to be covered. Ensure the 4 corner pieces are very securely glued as you are about to score them and you don't want your paper to buckle. I tend to use double sided tape all around the edges and glue stick for the center of the patterned pieces. Fold all your straight lines back into mountain folds (away from the center box)

Score the 4 corner boxes diagonally from corner to corner. The center box remains unscored. . Then take each individual corner and gently fold into valley folds (patterned paper will fold inwards towards itself) 

On each corner punch a hole as shown below. Ensure this hole is punched on the score line.
Now for the ribbon. I normally keep the ribbon on the roll as when you pull the edges together you actually end up using a very small amount of ribbon .Turn your project over to the uncovered side and place ribbon through two diagonal holes as shown in the photograph.
Pull the two ends of the ribbon together and tie in a neat knot, leave little tails and cut at an angle to pretty it up!. Be careful not to crush the two points of the card. 
 Now take a second piece of ribbon and bring it through the next two holes. This piece of ribbon should be brought underneath the ribbon already tied.
 Pull the two end of ribbon together and tie in a knot. When you do this you will capture the first piece of ribbon in the middle. (this will all make complete sense when you are making the project...... I promise!)

Done and dusted.


  1. I loved this idea!!!


  2. This is lovely. I think I've seen it done in material with stiffener as a fruit bowl and baby gift holder.