Saturday, May 18, 2013

Black and White Waterfall Card

Today's post is a card reminder to all the customers who came to my demos in the beginning months of this year. This is the Waterfall card that you all got to have a go at making during the demos. I hope you are all using the template and making loads of yummy waterfall cards :)

The images used are from the Tatty Teddy Docrafts Digital Designer CD. I was very hesitant to get into CD crafting but I really have come around to using it and still crafting the way I like to. I thought CD crafting was all about making the card on a computer screen and then printing it off (not my style at all) so instead of  doing that I print everything off separately so that I can work making the card from scratch. It also meant that I could print off the images for this card below in large numbers so that everyone could have a go at using them at the demos. Yep, it fair to say that CD's have won me over :)

Happy Crafting everyone :)

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  1. Have not made a waterfall card yet...private lesson ?? Pleeeeeeease. I promise to provide chocolate :)