Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeling Oriental!!!

I am back from a fab demo today in Inspiring Ideas in Blanchardstown, I even managed to get home with some money left in my pocket..........a bit of a miracle really, every time I go there I just want to buy the place up!

Don't ask me why but I am in an Oriental  mood today. It could be that Hannah is home from her trip to India and is covered in Henna Tattoos!!!! It dosen't really explain the cards as they are not Indian but heck I just felt like showing them anyway!!! lol.

I made these cards last year with Outline Stickers from DoCrafts. I just love the way they turned out. It was hard to photograph them as I kept getting a shine but I think they still look good.
I used white pigment ink sponged over a circle scallop punch out to create the cloudy look to the card below.
Thanks for dropping by :)

Happy Crafting everyone.


  1. Gorgeous cards Cliona love the red and black together.
    Hugs Alison x x

  2. gr8 cards sorry i could come to the demo i went to belfast with my best friemd who also makes cards and we went to craftworld wich is huuge so sorry cliona

    1. Hi Daniel, Don't worry about coming to the demo I would go to Craftworld in a heartbeat, its a great shop isn't it. Every time I go there I come out without a penny in my pocket and happy as anything!!! I have just had a lovely time catching up on your blog (I have been mental with work lately!) All your projects are fab and I finally got around to adding your blog to my Blogwatch list :)

  3. Hey,

    Im very happy to see you being in Oriental mood, as great piece of art has come out it.

    The cards are really beautiful. Love the deep red color used and thanks for sharing the idea about the cloudy look...

    My fav one is the one with golden Chinese flower.

  4. Great card! Just shows how these peel offs can be used to create stunning cards!
    Dawn xx

  5. wow what a great pair love the oriental theme and perfectly portrayed too
    Hugs Kate xx

  6. These are really beautiful, I love the peel offs and the colours that you have used and the fold on the first one is fab
    Lindsay xx

  7. These are gorgeous cards cliona