Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift Pocket Card with mini hinges

This is a card I made last year. I love this card as it goes outside of using just card making materials. One morning I was looking at all the hundreds of brads that I had collected over the years, the sizes go from teeny tiny to big monster brads and I realized I never use them enough. So for days I was trying to think up a way of using them in a slightly different manner then I normally would.  I was wandering around Woodies DIY store and I saw these super cute mini hinges. Lord knows what they are usually used for but they just screamed mini card door to me whilst using my mini brads to hold the hinges on.....Eureka.

You know when you have these fab ideas and you think you are an amazing genius well that is the time that you look around and realise other people have had these ideas as well ........... how Any how I was a complete genius for those few moments in Woodies!!!!

I made the sections of this card separately and then attached them to the front of the card. The door is kept closed with the little photo holder at the bottom right.  The background of the card was made by stamping one image again and again in a slightly darker green ink then the green card color.  The Hugs and Kisses pocket is joined flat to the card with double sided tape around the edges so that a gift card or cash can be placed inside. My ribbon in a bit frayed in this photo so obviously I will tidy that up before sending off the card to anyone (if I can stand to part with it!). The stamps are from Whiff of Joy and I used the masking technique to get the girl sitting on the mushroom and then colored in Copics and glittered up the wings.

Hope you like it..........happy crafting everyone.


  1. I,ve never seen this before - looks really good. xx

  2. A unique article, stamps from whiff is new..use of door too is nice.

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