Friday, June 1, 2012

New Home Card Tutorial

This is a really quick New Home Easel card. I downloaded the papers from Its a great site and I have to say I think the spotty paper is Yummy. The stripes on the roof have been cut to 15cm and run through my fab little crimper just to give them some texture. The door is cream card also downloaded from the above site and a brad is used for the handle. This is then placed onto brown card to act as a door architrave. This only shows on 3 sides to make it a bit more realistic.

You will need to decorate all your pieces before joining them all together. So just browse through the tutorial first to get an idea of what you have to do.

Right, lets get going: The first few photographs will show just the putting together of a basic Easel card and then we tweak it to make it into a house :)

I am doing this the quick easy way so I am just going to use 2 square cards to put this card together.
Take the cards and fold in half on the pre-scored line.
Now take one of the cards. Open up and fold one of the sides into the center fold as shown in the photos below.
You now have the base of your easel.

Take the second square card and cut neatly in half.
Take your easel base and put glue on the bottom section as shown below. I am using a glue runner here for ease but I would normally use double sided tape to ensure everything stays on securely
Attach one half card you have just cut to the card. I usually do this by lining it up with the full card spine so that if it doesn't fit neatly then I can just take a bit of the bottom or the side to straighten up the card. In this case it really doesn't matter as when you put the roof on it will cover any gaps left at the top.
This is what your card will look like now.
Take the piece of card you have left over and cut it diagionally to create your roof.

Take your Easel card and attach double sided tape or glue to the top section of your front piece of card (section nearest the spine)
Attach your roof.  I do this by lying my card up against the lines of my board so that I can then place my roof along a straight line to get it all even
Now take the second triangle and cut a section off this to create a little holder to help keep your house standing upwards when displayed.
Place 3D foam onto the back of this piece. Place them more to one side then the other. On my original card as I was using a dark paper I used black foam so it wouldn't be obvious on the card.
Now place this piece onto your card. Where you place it is up to you. It all depends on how you want your house to stand. Place the part that has the 3D foam on it close to the front of the card. This means that if the house slips slightly underneath the holder than it won't catch on the foam and wreck your card.
Done and Dusted..................yeahhhhhhh.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


  1. Great card Cliona, thanks for sharing the tutorial. Tinaxx

  2. Great tutorial Cliona, thanks for sharing, fabulous card, love the style and great colors xx

  3. Lovely card, so simple but so effective.

  4. Great tutorial Cliona. Makes a lovely card. xxxx

  5. What an adorable project, I can see many great uses for this wonderful house easel design. TFS xx

  6. wow super little card cliona ... love the papers you have used and love the design ... thank you so much for sharing with us ... you make it look so easy lol ... just doing a bit of blog hopping ... have a great diamond jubilee weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

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    Great idea...thanks for the tutorial...

  8. Hi Cliona, my package arrived today. many thanks. I spent Sunday making all the lovely cards you showed us on Saturday. Caroline