Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clean and Simple - 'With Love'

The third Clean and Simple card of the week- yep its official I like simplistic. Now before your think it, I do not mean I am simplistic!!! Cheeky!!!

This A6 card is made from the Forever Friends 'Black and Gold' collection A1 decoupage sheet. I love these little flowers they are made using a cute folding technique found here How to fold Rose - Paper Quilling

Hope you like it. Happy crafting everyone.


  1. Beautiful card, I love the yellow, but how are your fingertips after all that folding :)
    Though the roses look lovely so they might be worth it!

  2. Is this not the 3rd card oh special friend.....
    Another great card, I love it! xxx

  3. The folding is so worth it. I love these roses. So cute.

    Nikki, I am special and have now changed it to the Third card!!! lol.