Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3D IPad and IPad Cover Voucher Holder ------------- oh its good to be back :)

YAHOO.........................I am back.

I have been locked out of my blog and it wouldn't let me post since October and today it just started to work today for some strange reason................oh happy days.  So huge apologies for not posting and uploading my Christmas cards and tutorials but I hope to get back on track with my blogging over the next few weeks.

I am so excited to show you my favorite 3D project. These types of projects are my absolute favorite things to make. It always starts as an idea in my head and about two weeks later I am even dreaming about how to make it. Well this is exactly what happened when I heard my Brother in Law Pete was getting an IPad for Christmas last year. My daughter was getting him an ITunes voucher and so an idea on how to present it was born!!!

The photos below shows the IPad I made, It is the exact size of an actual IPad. The icons were a set of fridge magnets bought in the Euro shop and the background apple picture was found in a Google search.You can see the little pocket in the IPad cover to hold the actual voucher. Acetate creates a great screen for this project.

 This is the IPad cover when its closed.
I wrapped the IPad Voucher Holder in tissue paper and  I then built a box for it to sit in.
I have to say this was the most fun project I've worked on in ages. I am soooooooo proud of it :)

Happy Crafting Everyone.


  1. Welcome back! Brilliant project and a nice little box to put it in - love it! x

  2. Hi Cliona, delighted to see you are back. Hope to see you about soon demo - ing !

  3. Brilliant Cliona, love the gorgeous design. Welcome back too!

    Linda xxx

  4. Nice to have you back. happy New Year,
    This is a fabulous project - so realistic and a great idea, love it.

  5. Happy New Year! Fabulous project and a really clever idea :)

  6. Great project. I find it's so nice when an unique idea finaly clicks and a great creation is made.

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