Friday, August 10, 2012

Its mine.............all mine...mwah mwah mwah

Ok, so yes I am showing off, yes I am gloating, yes I am thrilled with myself. Yahoo, look at what is now living with me. My local shop The Premier Arts and Craft Store  in Bray are going to have trouble keeping these little beauties in stock because I may have to buy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I got a wonderful Birthday gift yesterday from my friend Carmel. A voucher to spend in Premier Arts and Crafts...................oh happy days.  I promptly went down there this morning and spent it all (and extra!!!!)  on their fabulous new stock of Card Candi. I adore these little embellishments and of course I had to get stamps that worked with them..................well you would too!

There is a great little board up on the wall showing 4 different cards using the Candi and that was that I just had to have everything :) Minus about two packets which I fear I may have to purchase during the week. I sadly just want to open them all up and throw them in the air and have it rain Candi on fun would that be.

Well that's all my showing off for the night!!! I am off to have a play with them all now :)

Happy Crafting Everyone.


  1. You sure are going to have lots of "dotty" fun Cliona !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Oh Enjoy your birthday presents and loving the stamp too.

    Linda xxx

  3. Happy Birthday, such a great gift. Enjoy. I adore card candi x

  4. I only discovered this item on someone's blog the other day and I loved how they used them on their card. I am sure with such a wonderful variety now in your stash (I would have brought the lot like this too) you will have wonderful time crafting. Happy Birthday! I have you have/had a great day! xx

  5. Cliona wow what a lovely stash xxxxx Have you tried making a flower with the Candi xxxxxxxxxxxxx