Friday, June 10, 2011

60 Plain and Simple

This is a card I just put together for another friend of my moms. She had her 60th Birthday Party on Sunday and we had a fantastic time. Unfortunately I didn't get the card made in time (it happens to me a lot!!!) so I just finished it off today to be given to her on Monday. Mary is the an absolute lady, dresses beautifully and looks nothing like 60 years of age so this card just gives me a little giggle every time I look at it. It is just the complete opposite of the way she is.

This image and wording is from "Dimension Fourth" and I borrowed it from my friend Ashlyn and then stamped it about a million times because I just know I am going to use it on loads of cards.
Sometimes I just love plain and simple. And black and white is a firm favorite with me. This card with the image colored in would take on a totally different look and would be fab but this time around I just wanted a clean non cluttered card. Hope you like it.

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